Tax return calculator

Want to know the estimated amount of your return? Use our 'Tax Return Calculator' to calculate your return really quickly.

Online & written lodgement

Not familiar with online form? Just download the 'written lodgement form' to do a tax return with the written form available. Complete the form and upload it into the attachment space provided.

Complete form in minutes

There are 3 main sections on the online form - Personal Info, Income, and Deductions. Answers regarding your potential questions are provided in the forms.

Live chat

If you have a questions while your doing a tax return, please ask our help using Facebook chat. Our tax specialists are available during the office hours.

Online tax return

Consultation Session

Our accountant will call you at your preferred time. You may need to send us a further document regarding work-related deductions

Online tax return

Confirmation and Payment

Based on the consultation, we will process the payment required and finally, the application will be lodged.